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Samsung Photo Bug – Russian Roulette

One difference between my generation and the last couple is they are stupid enough to keep compromising photos or video of themselves on their digital devices. Samsung has introduced a new “Prude Mode” feature that will select a random photo and send it to a random person in your contacts list. This feature is built to ensure you behave yourself with your Galaxy’s excellent camera.

samsung bug sending photos to contacts

Samsung giving even more reasons for Grandfathers to be disappointed in later generations.

Samsung: It’s a bug, not a feature!

Ok, fine… there is no prude mode, I only jest. BUT, there is most certainly a real bug going around Samsung, and it’s a serious privacy concern. You really have to wonder how software is written so that there is any possibility of this happening. How does a break down in the code lead to this happening?

It’s simple; Samsung has no concerns about privacy just like the rest of Google Android, and there is a latent feature regarding sharing photos that isn’t properly siloed because they didn’t have your privacy in mind.

The best part of this story is that you don’t even know about it until someone asks you why you felt it prudent to share the photo of you trying on Bjorks swan dress. Can you imagine your phone randomly sending a photo to your boss without you knowing it? What kind of privacy nightmares does that fuel? Hopefully scary enough ones to go out and buy a proper phone from a company that actually cares about your privacy!

Until Samsung fixes this massive f&*k up, you can go in and change permissions on the messaging app so it can’t access storage… then use another messaging app… then go buy an iPhone.

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