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Youtube – Keeping Kids Safe!

Youtube contains some truly atrocious videos featuring sex, murder and a lil of the ol Ultraviolence. This stands in start contrast to the kitten videos and countless episodes of Pingu. Good thing Google has included a content filter to keep that stuff away from young eyes…



That disturbing and low budget produced-for-God-knows-what-reason is approved by Youtube algorithms and is free to view by your child… even if filtering is enabled.

Don’t Let Youtube Parent Your Kids

I know the vast majority of parents know this, and even I’ve been guilty of letting my boys have access to the full (Filtered) YouTube app. Have I walked by and gone what the hell is that? OH YES. Grab that iPad, check the filter.. it’s on… so how did this video come up?? Well, because youtube videos can be monetized.. meaning the producer gets a little payout for every play because of the advertisement that precedes the video… less then moral bastards have taken advantage of kids love of superheroes. With “seemingly” kid friendly video featuring colourful superhero or known cartoon characters, keyword stuffing of titles, these videos often slip through the censors.. and they know it. They also know a kid is going to gladly sit through 15 seconds of advertisement to watch it.


Oh yes, simple fun indeed!

My question is, what twisted MF is ok including adult themes in these videos? Who is honestly producing these videos knowing children will see them and be ok with it? I get the whole, “easy mark” thing.. but then why can’t you be a human being about it and actually product something for kids that doesn’t involve a large breasted Maleficent wagging her posterior? I can see some adult producing horror version of Peppa Pig and Caillou for their own twisted amusement… but that shit gets through Googles filters as well!


NO, no, no, no… there is some seriously educational stuff on there… and countless, legit episodes of popular kids shows. What you need to do is get rid of the YouTube App and even YouTube Kids. Track down another app like iTubeList and install it. Then, you can go out and find all the great content for your kids, make it into a playlist under your own YouTube account and configure the iTubeList app to only view that.

Google did recently announce it will stop monetizing such videos, but I trust them like I trust all things Google.. I don’t. Best to vet videos yourself and more importantly, talk about your kids regarding the dangers of content on the internet.

Now, lets pop our thumb into the YouTube pie and see what we pull out shall we?


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