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Apple Watch Saves The Day!

Who knew the humble Apple Watch would save so many lives! From detecting fatal heart conditions to blood clots, now saving those stranded out at sea!

Apple Watch Saves Gilligan

If only…

Apple Watch LTE Proving Useful

It seems the live demo that Apple did at the September Keynote was a good idea. When 20 year veteran Kitsurfer John Zilles was forced to reenact Deirdres demo without an Apple camera crew onshore.

The trouble began when he noticed he was rather far offshore and he hit the drink.. watching as his hydrofoil skated away like an old-timey cartoon. Figuring he could make it back to shore with a strong but long swim, he headed back.. only to remember he was in SHARK INFESTED WATERS. Yes, he seemed to recall that the area he was in was recently found to have a GREAT WHITE SHARK NURSERY.

Now, I’ve had to deal with mama cows protecting their young, I can only image the horror show a torpedo with teeth would be.

After nearly shitting himself when a part of his gear hit his foot, he decided to take the wise course of action and use his LTE Apple Watch to call the Coast Guard. 15 minutes later he called them again to direct the boat over, and he was rescued.

Once his was on shore, I’m sure his wife regretted giving him a hard time spending money on expensive electronic gadgets… the nice letter from Tim Cook after thanking him was nice too.

apple watch john zilles

If that’s not a “I told you so Honey” look…


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