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iPad Archive! If it has to do with an ipad, 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, Air, Air 2, New, Pro, Mini or whatever other iPads exsist, you’ll find articles here!

iPhone SE – Apple Event Brief

Apple held an event in it’s Town Hall today.. introduced a new iPad Pro, some new features and directions.. and a new wee phone.. the iPhone SE!

Truck vs. iPad – The Aftermath!

Check out who wins in a fight between a truck and an iPad in Truck vs. iPad!

Emoticons – Retro Emojies!

Unleash some awesome retro emotional punctuation from across the sea! Emoticons are back!

Lost Your iPhone? Don’t Be A Fool!

You’ve lost your phone and you can’t do a damn thing about it.. yes you can. Use the tools that Apple gave you!

Buying Used iPhones – Test If It’s Locked!

Are you buying a iPhone of Craigslist or Kijiji? Selling one? Make sure the Activation Lock is turned off! Find out how!

Fixing iPads – Methods & Practices

My best practices Regarding fixing iPads have been laid bare for the world to see!

TSTAND Kickstarter – Shapeshifting iPad stand for all situations!

Need a strong, flexible and convenient iPad stand? Check out this Kickstarter campaign and fund the TSTAND!

What’s on my iPad?

So you’ve gotten an iPad for Christmas! Now what to instal on it? See what we run on the daily.