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iPad Archive! If it has to do with an ipad, 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, Air, Air 2, New, Pro, Mini or whatever other iPads exsist, you’ll find articles here!

Circle By Disney – Parental Network Controls

Circle By Disney is not, in fact, a circle, it’s a cube. A cube that allows you to wield wonderful parently controls over the internet itself!

Improper Repair – Pays To Go To A Specialist

With a rash of poor previous repairs crossing our desk as of late, we decided to point out the difference between an amateur and professional repair!

Numerical Easy Access – iPad ProTip

Bringing up the numerical keyboard has been a pain in the butt for iOS users over the years, but with iOS 11, Apple has brought in a brilliant shortcut!

Kids & Toy “Tablets”

See why you shouldn’t trust your kids safety and privacy to a cheap Android driven toy from V-Tech, and just buy an iPad instead!

Christmas Sale!

Our Christmas sale is here! Get $20, $30 off iPad Screen Repairs! Santa has also issued a $10 price drop on most iPhone Screen Repairs! Merry Christmas!

New iPad, iPhones, Updates Galore!

Check out all the new and updated hardware from this Tuesdays Apple Event.. some new accessories.. and learn the fate of a few lost products…

Christmas Sale – Pick A Discount

It’s Christmas time at The Stem! We have introduced an awesome and exciting promotion! Grab a decoration off our tree to see your discount!

Battery Trying To Escape An iPad

There is something trying to escape this iPad… it’s in fact an explosive hermit crab ready for it’s no home!

Dented iPad Buttons – Unwanted Curves

Have you dropped your iPad on something and happened to have hit the sweet spot where the case is weakest?

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USB C Charger For iPad Pro

Apple has finally released a solution to the rapidly draining battery on the iPad Pro! It involves spending a bit of money.. but you will be much happier with the USB C Charger!