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Kids & Toy “Tablets”

Every year around Christmas I always get asked about second-hand iPads, someone doesn’t want to spend a lot on an iPad for their young kids.

At least they are asking about an iPad.

Unfortunately, a lot of parents don’t even consider a proper iPad or tablet, instead, going for a “toy” version. These toy versions are not the toy computers of my kids era, these are fully functional, Android running, Internet connected tablets that cost next to nothing. What could possibly go wrong?

kids toy maker sued

Read the Gizmodo article here

Kids Safety Is Worth An iPad

See that title? MILLIONS of kids. MILLIONS of names, addresses and bloody PHOTOS. Ask me, $650k is a slap on the wrist. Repeat after me…

Toy Makers Aren’t Great Software Writers

And they sure as hell can’t be trusted with security. Hell, the provider of the largest mobile operating system in the world can’t even be trusted, though willfully, with your security!

Most parents will simply say iPads are too expensive to give to kids, they’ll just break them*, they aren’t old enough. None of these are true.

You can get a new iPad for $450, should be good for a good 4 years, that’s $112.50 a year.. not bad for a “toy” with massive education potential.

iPads are a lot tougher then you might think, and of course you should invest in a good case; kids under 8 shouldn’t be unsupervised with it anyway.

Now, nothing beats a good set of physical blocks to stack tall, but there are plenty of wonderful apps that help little ones learn things like letters, numbers and shapes, all with fun animations and sounds that peak their interest.

Most importantly, an iPad is SECURE. With parental controls enabled, they can’t get into things they shouldn’t, and with Apples stance on privacy, you can be assured your kids photos won’t be sold to advertisers. If the FBI has trouble getting into iPads and iPhones, your kids data should be considered safe on an iPad.. unlike the security hole riddled Android devices that can be gotten for a day’s wage.

*If this happens, we know a guy.

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