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Testing Batteries – Darwin Award Edition

The past year, the real danger of lithium ion batteries have been highlighted quite a bit. From Samsungs embarrassing rush job resulting in flying bans, and the recent iPhone CPU throttling fiasco, you’d think folks would be well versed in basic battery safety by now.

You would be wrong.

Very wrong.

Let me ask you this, where are the safest places on your body to manipulate a potentially explosive device?

  1. In your hand.
  2. In a bag in your hand.
  3. Between your sharp, boney protrusions in your mouth.


Batteries Can Explode Your Face

1 second earlier and this fellow would have received a chemical curb stomping. This guy is so lucky he didn’t end up in the Darwin Awards. Rumour has it he was “testing it for authenticity”, dude, it’s no GOLD!  I’m certain soon after he realized how stupid of a mistake he made, but wow, what a slip in astuteness!!

Batteries can be very dangerous, even without biting them. If you notice the screen on your phone popping out a bit, or perhaps your MacBooks trackpad won’t click down anymore, bring it into us, and we’ll replace it safely!

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Ryszard (Rick) Gold, From Calgary, Alberta, Canada has over 20 years of experience working with Apple products in a technical capacity. Passionate about technology in general, his natural troubleshooting abilities, curiosity and appreciation of good design lead him into working exclusively with Apple Computer products.
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