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Vintage iMac Upgrade

A 2007 iMac is certainly getting long in the tooth by now… but for some folks, it’s really all they need! What can be done to a twice vintage status system dating from the Bush era financial crisis? Well, RAM honestly won’t do to much, though it would be super cheap upgrade.


When the iPhone was but a wee baby…

SSD + 2007 iMac = 2012 iMac

With the prices of Solid State hard drives continuing to fall, they are become a viable upgrade for even old machines. Right now you can get a 512GB SSD for $199! Spend that and a bit of labour, you can add a few years of performance to that old beast. You can run Mac OS El Captain which is still compatible with the vast majority of software at speeds closer to that of a machine 5 years it’s junior.

So, if you have a pre 2013 Mac system and interested in a speed boost, contact us!


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Ryszard (Rick) Gold, From Calgary, Alberta, Canada has over 20 years of experience working with Apple products in a technical capacity. Passionate about technology in general, his natural troubleshooting abilities, curiosity and appreciation of good design lead him into working exclusively with Apple Computer products.
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