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ElevationHub – Missing Your SD Card or USB port?

Ever since 2016, new MacBook users have potentially been missing a couple of classic, but useful ports. Considering the majority of USB thumb drives are USB Type-A, having to use an adapter can be a pain. Also, considering most cameras still rely on an SD card, it is beneficial to have a standard SD port on your laptop, especially if you are a pro photographer! Well, ElevationHub to the rescue! 

GIF courtesy of Gawker Media, Via ElevationLab

ElevationHub Reuniting You With The Classics

There are a few options out there to give you an increase in port variety on 2016 or newer MacBook Pros, but most suffer from a poor design. Hooking into the side of your MacBook, it’s simply not safe to keep on while traveling lest you damage the USB-C ports. Furthermore, most of them are overkill in terms of their port selection. 

ElevationLabs ElevationHub product takes care of both those shortcomings in one convenient package. This sleek little product offers four fantastic features:

  1. USB Type-A 3.0 port: 625MB/s standard port that accepts the majority of thumb drive designs… or any USB cabled accessory of course.  
  2. Fast SD Card Slot: 50MB/s standard slot that accepts 
  3. Built-in cord retention strap. A leather strap equipped with velcro allows you to wind your power cord again!
  4. Allows a total of 61-Watt AND retaining USB 3.0 data speeds. 6ft High-Speed USB-C cable optional. 

One of the great benefits of this product is its slim profile. The ability to wrap up your cable and that it’s the same width as the charger brick itself allows you to slip it in your bag easily.

Some Issues

Overall, this product does few things but does those things very well. BUT, since it’s all based on the charger block, it’s possible you may be getting on your hands and knees to access those ports. Also, they do mention it’s not recommended for use with the small 30W charger but fits fine with the 61W, 87W & 96W chargers. 

elevation hub

If this product tickles your fancy, check out their website, and you can order for about $50 CAD! Reach out with a review if you happen to grab one!

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