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FKA Twigs Trapped In The Mirror Universe!

We don’t know if it’s the mycelial network, a nefarious plan by Lorca or perhaps an errant ion storm… but it appears artists extraordinaire FKA Twigs has been trapped in the Mirror Universe!

Mirror universe F.K. Twigs


 Gizmodo Staff Uncover Scheme, Calls For Rescue Of FKA Twigs

In the brilliant HomePod commercial, it was observed that the Mirror Universe FKA Twigs, or MUFKA Twigs (#MUFKATwigs) as she shall be known henceforth, invited our FKA Twigs for an uplifting dance-off “through the mirror.” Thanks to some brilliant investigative journalism by Gizmodo writer Brent Rose it was discovered that OUR FKA Twigs was left behind in a universe possibly full of violent and xenophobic humans!

KFA Twigs Mirror Universe Proof

See the full report and video here.

We need to immediately track down this MUFKA Twigs and get to the bottom of her nefarious plot! Why would she want to come to our universe? What will become of our FKA Twigs? Is Section 31 involved? Is this a plot by the Emporer to influence our universes music? We need to keep an ear out for future releases!

The big question, was Apple or Spike Jonze involved? Did they purposely send our FKA Twigs away?

Perhaps we have it all wrong? Perhaps this was concocted as a way to influence their universe for the better? No matter what universe, I can’t image FKA Twigs being anything more than a wonderful person, so perhaps they are working together to make the multiverse better?

Best we be prepared though.. time to call in the Team…

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