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Ice Fishing iPhone 7 – Only In Russia

A truly fishy tale out of Russia has shown that ice fishing with the iPhone 7 may be the next big thing! The story goes that a fellow in the city of Yakutsk was on the frozen river engaging in a little frozen fish fishing.. and accidentally dropped his iPhone 7+ into the dark and VERY cold abyss. I would have hit the vodka after that… but the good fellow happened to have a friend with a wetsuit and truly superhuman cold ignoring abilities.

ice fishing

Here is our hero fishing in proper weather…

Ice Fishing – iPhone 7 Is The Best Bait

Apple has a IP67 rating on the iPhone 7, which means it should survive for 30 minutes in a meter or so of water…. our hero wasn’t able to get to it until the morning.. 13 hours later.. in what seems a lot more then a meter of water. After a night of entertaining very bored Russian fish and 3 attempts, the phone was retrieved, STILL FULLY FUNCTIONAL.

ice fishing iPhone 7

If this was a PR stunt.. pulled off masterfully…

A fish tale no doubt about it! I think this buddy owes our hero a very big favour indeed! Check out the video at Fedors Instagram page here.

I think this immersion test beats the hell out of the infamous iFixit test…


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