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Pixel 3 – Androids Last Stand?

Little behind on this review, but honestly.. not a whole lot to review. Pixel 3 released… hooray. It’s got a Snapdragon 480 something-or-other processor, so its fast… for an Android. Has all the standard*yaaawwwnnn* features.. and it does fancy tricks with its camera. It wouldn’t be Android or otherwise Google if it didn’t have numerous problems, Whoopty-do…

pixel 3

WHAT. THE. HELL. How the in Gods name are those two even related?

Pixel 3 & Obnoxious Notches

As you can see in the photo up there, you would barely know the two models of the Pixel 3 were related! I mean, on the small one, they take the Samsung approach, but with much fatter top and bottom bezels. But then in the XL they introduce a HUGE friggen notch! I mean, like, why is it soooo deep? Even Android fans couldn’t figure a good reason Google would do such a silly thing, there simply was no need for it. I see one in public and I’ma gonna turn into Austin Powers…


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 No Pixel 4?

Something rather odd happened during the Google Pixel 3 reveal party during Made By Google 2018.. the word Android was not mentioned even once. Not only that, the switched their “tablet” from Android OS to Chrome OS.

As it works out, the 4 products Google now sells, only 1 runs Android, and the “dominant” Android name wasn’t even associated with it. In fact, Google seems to be erasing the word from existence. Android Pay and Android Messages are now Google Pay and just Messages. We now have Google One, Google Allo, Google Tasks, not a one is given the Android moniker.

It seems the families star foot ball player has all of a sudden found himself NOT being lavished in attention and praise… what exactly did that bastard do? Turns out he’s been trying to have his way with Sun’s Java code out behind the bleachers! What? You didn’t know Google has been involved in lawsuits over Intellectual Property with Sun for like, forever? As it turns out, it just keeps getting worse and worse for Google as well. With it’s largest licence, Samsung,  also looking to jump ship with it’s own now defunct Bada and now increasing it’s Tizen footprint, things don’t look good.

Everything is pointing to Google themselves putting a stake right through it’s own baby heart.

Don’t believe me? Check out this pretty colour

All in all, it simply means a more fracture OS landscape that is only going to help Apple!

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