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Repair Program For iPhone X & MacBook Pro 13-Inch!

Heads up for owners of the iPhone X and the MacBook Pro 13″! Apple has issued a repair program for each unit, check out the programs to see if your unit is affected & eligible!

Repair Program

iPhone X Screen Module Repair Program

Apple reports there are a few iPhone X models with bad screens! If you have ever experienced an issue where the screen seems to have a delayed response to your touch, no response at all, you may be eligible for a free screen replacement. Ghost Touch is also covered, this is where it seems someone else like Casper is having a go at your phone.

You’ll have to take your phone into the Genius Bar, and be prepared for pretty tight acceptance rules. Apple can be very anal retentive when it comes to honouring repair programs on iPhones… typically the unit has to be pretty flawless. No cracked screen of course, dents may raise questions. It’s unknown whether or not Apple will proceed with replacement if the back is cracked, but I imagine it will be a sticking point.

This program will cover your unit for 3 years from time of purchase. Official documentation can be found on the Apple website.

MacBook Pro 13″ Hard Drive Replacement Program

A fantastic example of why to backup, backup, BACKUP! An issue affecting the 128GB and 256GB SSD modules in the NON-Touch Bar MacBook Pro 13″ could result in data loss. Apple states that some Function Button versions of the unit sold between June 2017 and June 2018 may suffer critical data loss and will replace the drive unit in these machines… they will NOT cover any sort of data loss though.

The official documentation also includes a tool to check your eligibility. You will have to take the machine into the Genius bar should you be affected by the issue.

Backup drives are VERY INEXPENSIVE, and the procedure itself INSANELY EASY, you have to be a silly risk taking adrenaline junkie to dare fate to loose your data… I hear Jack Osbourne doesn’t back up his data for the sheer thrill of it… don’t be like Jack.

repair program

And under NO circumstance wear red lycra body suits.(Unless you’re the famous son of a superstar Rock God)

If you are interested in data recovery or having a cracked screen fixed, contact us!

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