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Category Archives: Anti-Android

Anti- Android archives! We are hard core Apple fans, through and through! Here you’ll find our write ups about issues we’ve found from the Android platform!

Samsung Chief – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?

Samsung Chief has run into some legal issues.. yet another reason not to buy Samsung product!

Pixel Phone – All Bark & No Bite

The Pixel Phone is here! And boy oh boy for all the bluster Google put out did they ever mess up! Check out how it stacks up!

Samsung Note 7 Burned! (again)

The Samsung Note 7 has had some troubles.. see why it’s even worse then you knew!

Eric Schmidt Won’t Even Use Android

Something happened in South Korea the other day that could be treasonous for Alphabet (Google) Executive Chair Eric Schmidt.

Hey Trevor Noah – I Fixed Your Graphics For You

The Daily Show had some issues with their onscreen graphics, I fixed it for them.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Is Not Idiot Proof…

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 proves once again Samsung uses a roomful like of drunk monkies to design their products.