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Optionion Archive! Boy oh boy are we certainly opinioiated! We may not always be right, but we’re going to tell you how we feel!

Android Duplex – Google Fails To Understand Humans Again

You remember “Glassholes”? Googles very cool technology failed to take into account humans didn’t trust other humans wearing a computer

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Face ID – Invisible Technology

We usually equate technology with complexity; more knobs and gauges, more status indicators and screens. We consider a fighter jet

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Amazon Key – Epic Trust Fall

Amazon has released plans for a service called Amazone Key that has many woried about the incredible overreach in security and privacy!

Calorie Tracker – Aaaand Gone….

Google introduced a fantastic new feature in maps… it didn’t go over well because a bunch of left-wing folks got offended. No Calorie Tracker for you!

Google Pixel 2 – S@!$ing The Bed Again

Google showed off their latest hardware this past week, the tech media fawned over it, but is the Google Pixel 2 worth it?

Samsung Sexism Is Alive & Well

Samsung cannot seem to grow the f&%K up.. only if they management environment would match their hardware.

Samsung Chief – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?

Samsung Chief has run into some legal issues.. yet another reason not to buy Samsung product!

Hey Trevor Noah – I Fixed Your Graphics For You

The Daily Show had some issues with their onscreen graphics, I fixed it for them.

Apple vs. FBI – The Fight For Your Privacy

Apple has been fighting the FBI for your privacy rights. See what this battle is all about and what is at stake!

Error 53 Is NOT A Broken Testla Car Door Handle

Buster Hein is underestimating the security risk that Apple is talking about with Error 53.