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Category Archives: Pro Tips

Pro Tip Archive! We love to teach our readers new and awesome tips on using their Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac! Get Pro Tips from the Pro!

Buying Used iPhones – Test If It’s Locked!

Are you buying a iPhone of Craigslist or Kijiji? Selling one? Make sure the Activation Lock is turned off! Find out how!

iOS Tip: Smarten Up Your Misbehaving iOS Device

A great iOS tip that will reduce your frustration and the results of kinetically active limbs.

AppleTV And Setting It Up For Kids

The AppleTV is great fun and entertainment for the whole family! But what if the kids have one of their own? Find out how to protect them!

iOS Tip: Pinch Out To Make Video Fullscreen

Here’s an iOS tip that I’m sure has been around for a while but goes unnoticed a LOT.

Save Your Marriage With OS X Lion

MacOS X supports multiple users, giving each of them their own profile. This feature can serisouly save a marriage! See how its done!