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Services Archive! The Stem Support is always trying to find new ways of providing the best services possible to our customers!

Mac Storage – Wrestling That Drunk Walrus

Figuring our storage solutions for your Mac can be stressful, but know there are options and The Stem can help figure our a solution for you!

Battery Trying To Escape An iPad

There is something trying to escape this iPad… it’s in fact an explosive hermit crab ready for it’s no home!

Used Apple Stuff Resale! New Service!

If you have some old Apple equipment laying around, or perhaps you’ve upgraded recently.. come sell your product through us!

iPhone Battery Extravaganza!

The Stem is fully stocked on nearly all models of iPhone battery! Get the full day of use out of your phone again for $40!

Earth to The Stem! Come in Stem!

The Stem has been missing in action online for a bit now! Find out why…

Dented iPad Buttons – Unwanted Curves

Have you dropped your iPad on something and happened to have hit the sweet spot where the case is weakest?

…Read More

Water Damage – Back From The Dead

This MacBook Pro had been found in a puddle.. the water damage was extensive.. could she be resurrected from he dead?

DAMNIT IVE! iPad Pro Lighting Port SOLDERED!

The iPad Pro is a stunning bit of engineering, it really is. But did J man do something completely unnecessary? Yes, yes he did..

2013 Calgary Flood – Water Damage Assessments

For the past few days my great city has been in a state of emergency. Due to a combination of melt water and intense rainstorms the watershed of Southern Alberta has been flooding.

Custom Twitter Backgrounds

We live in a 140 character world, but as a graphic artist, i’m still shocked at the very “Angelfire” look and feel of many profile pages!