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Category Archives: Interesting

Interesting Archives! We promise these articles will be very interesting! Hard to place anywhere else, or very general in nature, you’ll find it here!

Apple Watch Saves The Day!

Apple watch seems to be on a roll this year! With record sales and near superhero levels of live saving! See the latest Aquaman style save!

Youtube – Keeping Kids Safe!

Youtube contains some truly atrocious videos featuring sex, murder and a lil of the ol Ultraviolence. This stands in start

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Calorie Tracker – Aaaand Gone….

Google introduced a fantastic new feature in maps… it didn’t go over well because a bunch of left-wing folks got offended. No Calorie Tracker for you!

Fidget Spinner – Standing Out In The Crowd

Every Tom, Dick & Harry seem to be carrying them now, the local 7-11, even the local community association is

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Hidden iPhone Feature – High Tech Anti Impalement Protection

Apple has not disclosed an amazing feature of the iPhone, this hidden iPhone feature will literally protect your ass! See how it works!

(PRODUCT)RED iPhone In Black – Lust List

Have you seen the new (Product)RED iPhone 7? Some folks didn’t much care for the white face… allow us to present an alternative.

Ice Fishing iPhone 7 – Only In Russia

A fish tale straight outta Russia! Fishing in the freezing cold, vodka, heros and unfortunately accidents with expensive phones!

Dmitry Lischina – Pimping iPhones

Do you have extra money and want something truly one of a kind? Give your phone to Dmitry Lischina and let him have his way with it.

Retro-Modern: New & Making New Again!

No hipster card needed.. check out the latest in retro design and see about making your vintage products look new again!

Apple At 40 – Happy Birthday!

Apple just turned 40 years old! See how owner Ryszard Gold’s life has been intertwined with Apple over the years.